Demarco - Text Back - Jay Crazie Records

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New track from Demarco titled "Text Back", produced by Jay Crazie Records.

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Demarco - Text Back (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
She seh old dutty bwoy
Yuh hood soon rotten off
Mi haffi hug up fimmi catty and mi laugh
Listen to mi baby you a mi second half
So nuh bother keep dem sit'n deh inna yuh thoughts
Yuh phat nuh bloodclaat
Gyal yuh pretty and yuh smart
Gyal a yuh have up the key to mi heart
Gyal it would a mash mi up if yuh fi go depart
Out a mi life when a yuh mi seh from the start

She seh mi a wretch, she seh mi a old dog
Mi nuh wrong yuh baby, more time mi [email protected] hard
She please call mi, mi a go send a phone card
And member this gyal, yuh a di woman a mi heart

She text mi back, fi tell mi that
Duh nuh bother give nobody else di [email protected]
Mi tek she back, fi tell she that
Your [email protected] this gyal, don't forget