Demarco - Talk Yuh Mind Vol. 20 - The Return

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Demarco - Talk Yuh Mind Vol. 20 - The Return (Season 3)

This episode features disc jock Noah Powa ranting and doing voice impersonation of Junior Demus. Comedian Wally British speaks on the ongoing feud between Tony Matterhorn and Gully Bop. In a recent video Gully Bop states that "one matterhorn and him likkle batty gone", referring to Tony Matterhorn.

Richie Feelings calls over Tony Matterhorn to come defend himself at the True Gift Studio. Upon arriving, Matterhorn take shots at Shauna Chin saying that every man run through her including Richie Feelings, Spragga Benz, Tommy Lee, etc. According to Matterhorn, Gully Bop should give back to the rat and roaches in the gully after years of him eating away their food.

Richie Feelings commented on Spice's light-up outfit that she wore to Reggae Sumfest 2015 claiming that her suit short circuited while she was on stage. Recording artist Gage and Dexta Daps also made guest appearance.