Demarco - So We Stay (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Demarco performing "So We Stay" off the 'Civil War Riddim' produced by Damage Musiq. Video by damaniac visualz.

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Demarco - So We Stay (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Phone alone mi answer to
Cyah be a pu$$y inna the street dem wi conquer yuh
Never be a baby, nuh mek no man pamper yuh
Mi gun stay close to me like one a mi damn tattoo
From Jamaican, Miami, big up Tampa to
Whole place bun-up yuh no see weh the fans a do
When we fire shot pu$$y we nuh fire blank shot yuh
When we say badness yuh nuh fi try lef out Flanker to

Never be no pu$$y oh no (no, no)
We nuh homo (no)
The thugs dem nuh go low (no, no)
And a just so we stay (stay)
A just so we stay (yeah)
From Kingston to Mobay
We nuh chicken, we nuh mix up inna fowl flea
Real thugs dem from Sainty dem don't play

(verse 2)
Tuff talk we nuh tek
Mind CVM dem haffi video death
The whole place a shake and we nuh kill yuh yet
The only thing the bwoy dem a go see a just the silhouette
From a war, we nuh see no move weh we no mek
We no tek check pu$$y the amount a bill yuh get
Cyah use things ketch we, we nuh fish inna net
Rise every machine but a nuh the one weh Singer mek