Demarco - Bad Gyal Anthem (Official Music Video)

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Demarco performs music video for "Bad Gyal Anthem" off the 'Promiscuous Riddim' produced by Full Charge Records (ZJ Dymond). Video directed by True Gift Entertainment.

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Demarco - Love The Gyal Dem Good (Lyrics Snippet)

Real badman nah put a foot inna the wrong place
Gyal bring yuh damn face
Mi no wah see mackerel and mi no nam bully beef
Mi no eat Eve and mi no nam Grace
Gyal gimmi fi yuh loving inna the don place
She bawl lord Jesus bwoy yuh damn great
She come first mi go second inna the one race
Only cook food go pon the don plate

So mi, love the gyal dem good
Weh mi do, love the gyal dem good
Weh we do, love the gyal dem good
Nuff gyal a say dem would a run in if them could

Demarco - Bad Gyal Anthem (Lyrics Snippet)

Freaky gyal weh yuh deh.. see dem deh
Bad gyal weh yuh deh.. see dem deh
Every gyal a fi be mine nah give dem weh
Mek me dash out da coil deh fi dem seh

Mi see bad gyal a back it up, a one drop it and a walk
The gyal dem tipsy cah the appleton a talk
Gyal muscle wine and kotch it pon the boss
Mi love the style weh yuh naturally give off
Yuh body clean gyal mi nah fi ask
When yuh see the video man back it up fast
Fi yuh clothes gyal can't tek it off
Trailer load a gyal deh a wharf