Delus - Get Away (Official Music video)

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Music video by Delus performing "Get Away" off the 'Press Gas Riddim' produced by Warriors Musick Productions / Subkonshus Music. Video directed by Dameon Gayle

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Delus - Get Away (Lyrics Snippet)

I've got to get away, far away
Yeah, all work and no play
Will only drive me crazy
I've got to get away, far away
Mi deh yah mi a pray
Until I see a better way

(Verse 1)
The boss nuh stop pressure me
Seh him waan productivity
Nuh matter how hard mi work
Mi pocket still empty
Living in the concrete jungle
All I see is war and crime
Somebody show me the place
To get a piece of mind

(Verse 2)
I waan fi get away from things weh a bother mi
It seems like crosses waan follow mi
As mi fix one problem here comes a next one
Lowe mi nuh Satan
A vacation, to a far away land
Mi well waan mek a move
But mi only have a grand