Delus - Afraid To Love Again (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Delus performing "Afraid To Love Again" off the 'Four Seasons Riddim' produced by Fireman Crew / Union World Music. Video directed and edited by Dameon Gayle.

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Delus - Afraid To Love Again (Lyrics)

Now I'm afraid to love again
I'm afraid to get my heart broken again
Why, why, why, why
Cause I've been hurt before
My heart doesn't work anymore
And now I'm afraid (now I'm afraid)
I'm afraid to love again

(Verse 1)
Believe me it ruff yaw sah, It tuff yaw sah
When yuh experience how bruk-up heart feel massa
Me did love daughter but she is a real actor
Words don't exist to express how I feel massa
Because she waan play with man like toy
And waan treat big man like bwoy
Yes mi glad mi find out, glad yuh true color shine out

(Verse 2)
Baby, you had me under you spell
I wish I knew what was under your shell
A must you name miss illusion
Cause all you do a cause confusion
Cyah believe I gave you my heart and you tore it apart

(Verse 3)
Baby, you've got me crazy, like I'm going mad
I never knew love could feel this bad
I hope I never hurt like this again
Baby, a you mek mi put up this barrier
Cupid swat team cannot get over
And I won't allow you to be my bread, my bread

(Verse 4)
Yes I know, a nuh me alone get hurt like this before
I know, and a nuh me alone fall fi Delilah
But I'm gonna keep my head up high and just move on
Mi know seh it ruff but life still goes on, on