Delly Ranx - Silly Billy (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Delly Ranx performing "Silly Billy" off the 'Good Book Riddim' produced by H2O Records / VIS / Pure Music. Video directed by Terminal 4 Media.

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Delly Ranx - Silly Billy (Lyrics Snippet)

Gyal clown a no me dat (no)
Gyal puppet a no me dat (yuh mad!)
No gyal can't style me
And dem can't come tek me fi ediot

Silly billy, some man a silly billy
Done dem money pon di gyal and mek a next man a kill eh
Dem a silly billy, some man a silly billy
Book a ticket fi di gyal so check don dona villey
Dem a silly billy, some bwoy a silly billy
Put di gyal pon dem head and a bawl fi company
Dem a silly billy, some man a silly billy

Gallis like Delly couldn't be a silly billy
Anytime mi call mi gyal, mi gyal dem have to come to me
Could a live a jungle or dem inna bad company
Police and mi soldier gyal can't bring no stunt to me
Shelly see mi and ask mi how high mi want she jump fi me
So when di gyal dem see mi dem will never bring a frown to me
Nuff bwoy a clown, di gyal dem ready fi spend dem pound fi me
Mi sexy gyal a Africa, she send a gold crown fi me
Di gyal dem a Canada dem mek a likkle sound to me