Delly Ranx - Gully Bop Salute

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Delly Ranx represent for 'Gully Bop' in his latest installation titled "Gully Bop Salute". This track was released following Gully Bop's stellar performance at Magnum Sting 2014.

Delly Ranx - Gully Bop Salute (Lyrics Snippet)

Everybody who love music
Gully Bop a lock the thin
Nuh bother confuse it
Hey bop, bop, a the world G

Look how long we a lock dancehall
And some likkle fool a flop dancehall
Now Gully Bop come and rock dancehall
Bring the fun inna the thing and him a pack dancehall

(Verse 1)
Mi nuh wagonist but mi a endorse the thing
Mi love how the Gully Bop lock down sting
Mek everybody happy, dem a chant and sing
Wah Gully Bop, Gully Bop a the in thing

Gully Bop chune dem a lock every dance
Inna every area from all Jamdown to France
Nuff people a chat and dem nuh have no substance
A the funn from Gully Bop the people dem want

People from Grants Pen a shout Gully Bop
And the south side crew dem a shout Gully Bop
And the tower hill crew dem a shout Gully Bop
Hey, the wul world dem a shout Gully Bop
Tivoli and Jungle seh deh cyah hold it back
Everything a Gully Bop, a Gully Bop thing a shot
Canada, UK, the American dem a watch
From rag to riches and now everything a chop