DeeQueen - Good Body Anthem (Off Di Press Riddim)

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New sound from DeeQueen titled "Good Body Anthem" produced by R-M-E Musiq & Time Unit Music (Off Di Press Riddim).

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DeeQueen - Good Body Anthem (Lyrics)

Mi body good, mi body good good good
Mi hold fimme man mi seh just like mi should
Whine pon mi head caw mi know mi body good
Mi body good so nuh gyal cyah tek mi man yuh mad

(Verse 1)
So mi a whine up mi body and shake it up
Pon mi man mi a whine and brace it up
Fimme body nuff man waan lace it up
Gyal a try offa mi man and mi race it up
Hey, yuh body good gyal whine and bruk out
Hair well neat and yuh teeth nuh drop out
Show the car key gyal a yuh own the house
Gyal yuh independent buss a walk out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi body good like gold and mi sure bout it
Nuh gyal cyah tek mi man mi have the glue so fit
Man a mad over mi body caw mi have the buffness
Gyal a run off dem mouth a couldn't we dem waan diss
Mi a whine up mi body and tic like a clock
And if mi man lef yuh know him haffi come back
When mi a whine pon mi man him nuh waan mi fi stop
Body a shake and a shiver, him just a dash on the cash

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)