Deep Jahi - Heart Crush - Studio Vibes Entertainment

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Deep Jahi performs 'Heart Crush', single produced by Studio Vibes Entertainment.

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Deep Jahi - Heart Crush (Lyrics)

For nuff man a gwaan like seh dem tough like steel
Bet if dem girlfriend cheat dem wouldn't talk how dem feel

But mi naw go lie
If yuh touch pon mi gyal and mi find out mi likkle heart crush
And a nuh lie
Cause deven the owner fi bakery never yet waan bun

(Verse 1)
Every thung would a love fi a
Tek weh a bwoy gyal with a tight pum pum
Contrary, but yuh no waan your girl fi a ride pon a next man bike
Dyam clearly, mi naw bawl fi gyal, no soft fi gyal
Mi have loving heart mi gyal
But if she give weh the collateral
Mi couldn't end up inna hospital

(Verse 2)
Man a sharp razor unuh waan get cut
Born playa but nuh waan get flush
Wat a stuff if yuh ward get crush
And yuh gyal a link up weh yuh best friend crutch
Gyal will give yuh bun yuh a extend plus
Dem wi touch a richer man fi pop style if yuh cut
Worse if the gyal wild as a puss
Foota Hype can tell yuh what's up