Deablo - Money Cyaah Done - Jag One Productions

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Deablo claims his "Money Cyaah Done" in his latest single produced by Jag One Productions (JOP).

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Deablo - Money Cyaah Done (Lyrics Snippet)

Well if yuh never know
Mek mi tell yuh sup'm bout my thing (bout my thing)
Any event we book for nuh start until we drive in (until we drive in)
Ever fresh, ever clean gyal seh we sweet like a ice-cream (like ice-cream)
Gyal see we and a smile bright like the Bimmer high beam

Because we money cyaah done, it cyaah done
Everywhere we go gyal a seh dem wah come
Because we money cyaah done, it cah done
Mek we kick it off like we pon a ball ground
Because we money pile up, liquor pile up
Everywhere me go bare gyal a whine up
Because we money pile up, push a light up
Every real hustlers fi push a light up

Every ghetto youths want fi be the winner
Live life comfortable like fifty pillar
Bad people we nuh beg bwoy fi bring we liquor
Prefer dead from thirst or go drink vinegar
Member the days when me couldn't find food
No champagne mi cyaah sip fi dinner
Man a cruise pon the highway in the Bimmer
House big like the castle weh the king live inna