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Dax Lion asks for a solution in his latest single titled "Problem After Problem". This track was produced by Dax Lion Music and available on all major digital platforms.

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Dax Lion - Problem After Problem (Lyrics)

America, a problem
Europe, a problem
Africa, a problem
Jamaica, is a problem
Iraq, is a problem
Canada, is a problem
Everywhere mi go is a problem
Hey what's the problem

A problem after problem
problem after problem
Problem after prob-problems
Where is the solution
Show I a solution

(Verse 1)
Yuh think a little bit a little bit a problem
No, a problem after problem
Everyone have them
Is only God can solve them
Mi can't even dodge them, it happen too often
Well here one comes again
A solution I a recommend, love I a send
Give you little bit ... problem after problem
I think I need a antihistamine
Because problems keep coming, cho

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Where I'm from people die often
Get buried in the mountain
Better watch where you walking
Because big dog barking, they not laughing
Ready fi go put you in the coffin
Not a sound nor warning
Nuff a dem haunted, dem wanted, dem half hearted
Deal wid them like Martin and Garvey and Bob did
Catch them pon the camera that candid, access granted
Moving like the king did

(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Intro)

(Verse 3)
From the other day mi see a couple young rulers
Why dem don't free education for the schoolers
Fund some local producers
False policies with...
Am feeling disgusted, will you bring something new to us
I doubt they can be trusted
Cho, the politicians inna parliament
Him nuh different from the dogs living in the swamp
Who all live amongst
Why dem can't legalize.....
And helping poor folks, not jokes
Take notes from real revolutionaries, mercenaries
Those who escape the slave bunks
The ones who cut the ropes
Bathe in sea water with their soaps
Help each other out
Words sound power from a mouth
Haile Selassie emblem for my coat
Anytime mi go out, because

(Repeat Chorus)