Dancehall Queen Lady Saw Defeats Macka Diamond At Sting 2013

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Lady Saw vs Macka Diamond Sting 2013 Clash #BringTheSting

'War' was declared between Lady Saw and Macka Diamond and in the end Saw was the last diva standing at Sting Thursday night.

"Send out the mongrel a whe she de," Saw hurled out on the microphone as she challenged Macka to the clash.

Macka Diamond responded and the crowd roared.

The clash then got ugly as both artistes began throwing expletive filled lyrics at each other.

However, a few minutes into the fiery clash it appeared that Macka either forgot her lines or ran out of lyrics leaving Lady Saw in all her glory as her rival tried to regroup.

Apparently in desperation Macka then fired back that Saw could not keep her husband and the crowd started booing. "Cum off a di stage u a fool," Saw shouted and minutes later Macka retreated.

Update: Macka Diamond Congratulates Lady Saw on Sting Clash Victory & Claims She's Ready For Round 2

Meanwhile, US rapper 2 Chainz had hip hop fans inside Jamworld rapping in unison to songs like 'I Will Be Getting Money', 'Big Booty Chick' and 'I Am Different'.

Entering the stage minutes to 1:00 am, the entertainer performed a captivating set which, as expected, was accompanied with strings of expletives.

"They tell me I got two minutes. How long I have been up here I ain't come to Jamaica to do a ten-minute show," 2 Chainz said before hurling out another string of hit songs which was well received by the Magnum Sting crowd.

The rapper, having done his time pleasing the crowd, made way for the 'Don Dadda' Supercat.

Source: Jamaica Observer