Damian Marley - Hard Work - Ghetto Youths International

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Damian Marley is putting in the "Hard Work" in new track taken from upcoming compilation 'Set Up Shop Vol. 2' produced by Ghetto Youths International.

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Damian Marley - Hard Work (Lyrics Snippet)

Rasta man a hustler so every dollar haffi flip
The shop haffi set up fully stock out and well equip
Revenue haffi come in cah man haffi a see profit
Hypocrite a watch di food, dem better stop and take a tip

Am putting in the hard work (work)
Some money broker have me as a money making expert
Am putting in the hard work (work)
Dats why a champagne alone quench mi gyal friend thirst
Am putting in the hard work (work)
And hard worker deserve all their props and perks
For putting in the hard work (work)
Big Gongzilla minister of commerce

Now to all my ganja farmer selling pounds of cannabis
That study economy like a real economist
A go through every statement like a scholar with a script
The age and demographic have the shoppers on my list
Shopping spree's on me girls I do insist
Some man a say dem a king and dem a live worthless
And all lazy bwoy dem fi get dismiss
Girl come get your business fix