D-Medz - Champion (Official Music Video)

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Music video by D-Medz performing "Champion" off the 'Empower EP' produced by EPP Jam Productions. Video by 13thTribe Video Production.

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D-Medz - Champion (Lyrics Snippet)

The youths dem a champion
Nothing too hard for us to overcome
Work hard enough and yours will surely come
Jah bless the youths dem mek dem shine like the sun

(Verse 1)
Tell dem seh mi ancestor blood dem a flow inna mi
Forward, forward, tun back nuh inna we
The youths dem powerful and Babylon sight it
So dem set up dem traps but dem do it wisely

Heart strong like a lion
Cyah stop the youths from reach inna Zion
Firm like a rock, hard like a steel
Cyah call it iron
Seh we different
Cyah blow we down like no zinc fence

(Verse 2)
Muhammad Ali in his prime
Youths dem ready fi go shine
Keep focus and don't mek the system
Draw yuh inna crime
Teach the youths dem from dem young
Keep dem inna line
Too much ghetto youths a dead pon front-line

Seh we likkle but we tallawah
We the world a follow-low
Rise up rasta banner, with dignity and honor
Fi tek on dem yah mission yes a mind over matter
Real Africans born with powers inside