Crowd Gave Mixed Reaction To Super Cat Sting 2013 Performance

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When the 'Don Dadda' Supercat made his entrance on the Magnum Sting stage at approximately 1:20 am Friday the whistles and firecrackers were almost deafening.

Everyone seemed to be anticipating a mind-blowing performance but that wasn't necessarily the case.

There were mixed reactions to Cat's performance as some patrons vented that his set was somewhat boring.

Among the vintage hits he performed were 'Nuff Man a Dead', 'See Boops De', 'Unda Pressure' and 'Don Dadda'.

Video: Watch Super Cat Pre-Sting Interview

"Cat is a good artiste but his best moments were the early 1990s, a lot has changed since he last performed for the Sting crowd. A lot of persons here don’t even know those songs…I am not impressed," said 37-year-old Vinton Thomas.

Others however, identifying with Cat's old school-delivery, warmed to the artiste's performance on the night.

Source: Jamaica Observer