Cookie The Herbalist - I Wish (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Cookie The Herbalist performing "I wish", song produced by Phanton of Inspired Music Concepts. Video directed by Alex Cab Concepts.

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Cookie The Herbalist - I Wish (Lyrics Snippet)

I wish there was a day
I pray
When love will lead the way
One day
Mama tears will wash away
I Say
Everything's gonna be ok
Eh eh

(Verse 1)
Fi nuff people nutten nah gwaan
Innocent blood it a run down the street
Nuff pickney nuh eat from morn
Tomorrow is a long way fi reach
Government them a tell bare lie
A them same one put the guns pon the street

Wel right yah now we tired a dem system
No want fi be no victim
No want fi see no cold concrete