Collie Buddz - Prescription - Supa Dups / Black Chiney

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Collie Buddz drops another track for the weed smokers titled "Prescription" and produced by Supa Dups of Black Chiney.

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Collie Buddz - Prescription (Lyrics)

High grade weh mi smoking
When it come to ganja a no joke thing
Bare high grade am smoking

I just wanna walk into a dispensary
To get my medicine
Or even pick it up down a the pharmacy
Fi me and my brethren
Tell the doctor fi write my prescription
Fi remedy my affliction

Don't want to smoke and hide
Dem fi legalize it worldwide a the ganja
I need it, I need my weed
Gimme two pounds a the highest grade
I need it, I need my weed
Taking bills just save my speed

(verse 1)
Yow, when a high grade mi waan
Check the green glass just fi get a one draw
Dutty Babylon a tell mi seh mi cyah
When mi waan smoke mi nuh pree law

Tell the officer fi gwaan bill
Ganja mi need whenever mi waan fi chill
Bun out syrup, fire pon a pill
Dem thing deh will get yuh self kill

Alright then
Naw tek cocaine that a fi psycho
My rather get a good piece of hydro
So out a California mi fly go
Mi never burn nuttn weh get mi high so

Sometime yuh cyah tell
When the vapor rises it nuh leave no smell
Anytime a day mi not feeling well
Mi haffi go deh weh di weed sell