Chronixx - Capture Land (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Chronixx performing "Capture Land" off the album 'The Dread And Terrible Project'. Presented by LRG, track produced by Winta James, video directed by Jerome D.

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Chronixx - Capture Land (Lyrics Snippet)

And I say Dread and Terrible pon dem
Good God of grace, well I have his mercy
And me say old slave driver
Time is catching up on you
Old slave driver I know your sins dem a haunt you

Carry we go home, Carry we go home
And bring we gone a east
Cause man a rasta man
And rasta nuh live pon no capture land
Carry we go home
A say fi settle and seize
Cah man a rasta man
And rasta nuh live pon no capture land

(Verse 1)
Lord America a capture land
Di whole a Jamaica a capture land
A long time dem wah trick the rasta man
Like dem nuh know say that man a real African
Yuh think me nuh memba King Ferdinand
And thieving Columbus have a Golden plan
Dem make a wrong turn and end up in Caribbean
One raas genocide kill nuff Indian
Lord dem turn paradise inna plantation
And bring cross one ship load a African
Now here comes the thieving Queen from England
Nuh she, Cromwell and Henry Morgan
Century pon top a century full a sufferation
And after four hundred years mi say no reparation
And now dem wah fi kill we wid taxation
But a beg you please take me to the mother land