Christopher Martin - Just Like You (Official Music Video)

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Christopher Martin - Just Like You (Official Music Video)
Music video by Chris Martin performing "Just Like You", produced by Notice Productions, and directed by RD Studios.

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Christopher Martin pays tribute to all the real fathers out there.

Fi mi dady
Went for a walk just the other day
With my daddy right beside of me
Son what you wanna be when you grow up?

I don't wanna be no police man
Cause crime is getting out a hand
No lawyer, no fireman
Said what you wanna be then?

Just Like You

Mi never ever see you diss my mommy
Tek care of mi youth like yuh tek care a me
Thats who I wanna be

Just Like you.. yeah

Nuff youths don't know them daddy
Thank god mi know mine and him take care a me
Daddy you're me general