Christopher Ellis - Roller Coaster (Official Music Video)

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Christopher Ellis performs music video for "Roller Coaster" off the EP 'Better Than Love' produced by Ghetto Youths International.

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Christopher Ellis - Roller Coaster (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Come one all gather round
It's got ups and downs
It may feel like a roller coaster
But this ain't no theme park at all
Obstacles set in stone
In a world so cold
When filled with pride there's no room for wisdom
So turn that frown upside down

And if you can't be good I beg you please be careful
Do what you wanna do with no regrets
If you can't be good I beg you please be grateful
Don't hold out cause what you give you get

(Verse 2)
Everlasting life (everlasting life)
Yes it comes at a price
First you must learn to love thy neighbor
Distinguish wrongs from the rights yeah
Word, power and sound
What goes around comes around
Be very wary of your vibration
And keep your feet firm on the ground