Chino & Versatile - Gyallis For Life - Code 91 Records

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Chino and Versatile claims they're "Gyallis For Life" in their latest single produced by Code 91 Records.

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Chino & Versatile - Gyallis For Life (Lyrics Snippet)

When yuh see we yuh fi know we a gyallis fi real
Every queen stick to we like a magnet to steel

We a gyallis fi life
Until death so we a life we life
Gyal dem nuff, gyal dem infinite
We want a dozen wife when we a 65
We a gyallis fi life

Well watch this
Me and versi inna New York City
Roll with a few hot Philly
Gyal from Miami, Haiti El New York, Philly
One a seh she just move from Chile

We have couple Canadian, Guyanese thing
Dominican and Asian, Siamese Twins
Jamaican gyal weh a fire big thing
And mi go China fi wire Miss Chin

Well how it go,
Gyal settings, gyal stepping
Weh, gyal steppings no dyam petting
Gyal from Italy and gyal from France fretting
Dem cyah leffing dem confessing

Gyal from Guadalupe waan roll with dah youth yah
Dem come inna group, dem waan fi know mi a who fah
Gyal a cruise from Verona Aruba
Spread rumor fi com inna da room yah