Chilando - Life Too Short (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Chilando performing "Life Too Short" off the 'Happy Hour Riddim' produced by Chimney Records. Video edited by Xtremearts.

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Chilando - Life Too Short (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Mi happy, well happy
And mi naw mek yuh change my vibes
One soul mi get, so yuh know mi a live my life

Music check, liquor it check
Yuh naw feel good go a doctor go check
A payday Friday you gonna get a cheque
Enjoy yuh self inna the club we gonna check

Caw life too short fi a think bout gun
Mi rather keep a party inna mi yard
Life too short mi a drink some rum
Nuh give a f*k when badmind a talk

Life too short, Yuh waan know supm
Joy and happiness mi have inna mi thoughts
Link up the thugs and the girls
We have nuff liquor
Pon the grill yuh see jerk chicken parts

(Verse 2)
Sunshine deh yah everything irie
Mi a nuh Facebook no care if yuh like mi
Never burn kush from mi born
But today mi know mi a go blaze it

Mi happy like, baby pon breast
Mi a enjoy mi self s*ck yuh mother mr. stress
R.I.P new meaning 'Rich I Pray'
Mi waan enjoy mi life the fullest