Chi Ching Ching - Up (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Chi Ching Ching performing "Up" off the 'High Life Riddim' produced by JA Productions.

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Chi Ching Ching - Up (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Inna dancehall mi have the biggest name
Look round mi neck mi have the biggest chain
And mi fly first class pon the biggest plane
Serious with mi thing it's not a gimmicks game

Reach a waan place, round a waan part
The thugs dem weh seh Chi Ching yuh song a top chart
Watch how mi walk, mi style dem a spark
The gyal dem a seh mi a the beat a dem heart

Up I'm going up
Money inna pocket a the topic and mi naw stay bruck
If yuh up put yuh hands dem up
Sterling a pile up purchase anything mi nuh trust
Up i'm going up
From yuh know seh yuh clean from yuh born
A the sky yuh fi touch
And a we all the gyal dem love
Weh mi seh, up I'm going up

(Verse 2)
Mi name Chi Ching Ching, mi full a bling bling
Di gyal dem a seh mi stronger than ginseng
When dem see the money dem linking
Mi know how fi mix up the supm inna the sinting

Dem seh mi tall but mi a nuh baller
Sing big song just to get mi money taller
Mouth corner nuh have no white squall yah
Shoot to the stars man a real shot caller