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Chevaughn drops another single for the ladies titled "Far More" produced by WDH Music Group.

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Chevaughn - Far More (Lyrics)

Baby girl you're far more
Than everything a man could dream of
Far more than beautiful
You're far more than everything a man could dream of
You're far more than beautiful

(Verse 1)
Queen of my heart, you're my lady
You love me and I can tell, you'll never leave mi
See it in your eyes the way you stare
Yes in my heart I know, your heart is made of gold
Oh yeas I know, cause you're

(Verse 2)
Girl I needed someone to save me
You have every...., you never left me
Even when you didn't understand
That's why in my heart I know
Your heart is made of gold
Yes I'm sure, I'm never letting you go