Charly Black - Party Animal (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Charly Black performing "Party Animal" off the 'Jambe-An Riddim' produced by DJ Kurt Riley for Techniques Records. Video by Jamberchem Empire.

Charly Black - Party Animal (Lyrics Snippet)

Whine up pon mi body gyal
Whine like it's a carnival
Gyal mi love the way how yuh whine for me
Gyal yuh whine is so emotional
So whine up pon mi body gyal
Me want you come whine your waistline for me

Baby yuh bubbling, yuh bubbling, yuh bubbling baby
Gyal yuh a party animal
Gyal yuh active no yuh no lazy
Gyal yuh a party animal
To how yuh whine yuh drive me crazy
Gyal yuh a party animal
Yuh whine so good, yuh dress so good
Gyal mi love how yuh party

(Verse 1)
She tek one shot, two shot, three shot, four
After nine minute she come back fi more
She tek off the shoes dem pon the dance floor
Then she start to bruck out, bruck out like a sore
Then she approach me just like a cure
Mi know seh she like mi, tonight mi a score
She sexy, she beautiful and she pure
Gyal a you mi adore so