Charly Black - Now & Forever (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Charly Black performing "Now & Forever" off the 'Dancehall Sings Riddim' produced by Zj Chrome for Cr203 Records. Video directed by XtremeArts.

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Charly Black - Now & Forever (Lyrics Snippet)

Girl, this is my confession to you
Girl we've been through so much ups and downs together
And we're still together

Oh girl I'm gonna love you now & forever
Even in my heart our love I will treasure
I love you today, and I love you yesterday
I love you, I love you
I-I love-love-love-love-love-love you bad

(Verse 1)
Baby believe me
Mi a tell yuh fi believe me
Every words that you heard from mi mouth
They came from my heart
So you better believe me
You never deceive me
Mi tek the blame and every responsibility
Right now mi waan hug you whisper sweet shenanigans
Inna yuh ears while yuh squeeze me

The sweetest time I ever had
When I'm with you girl I'm never sad
We mash up and we mek up
And we mash up and we mek up
It goes on and on and on
Mi just hope yuh see weh mi a see seh
Just hold on

(Verse 2)
We got a good thing going on baby
We love each other so bad it's so crazy
Mi sure about us this is no maybe
You a mi Beyoncé, mi a your Charly

Yuh get so miserable more time it hurt mi
Yuh squeeze the top a mi heart and gert mi
But other times mi just love it how yuh thirsty
Love when yuh use your eyes dem and search mi