Charly Black - Funn - Anju Blaxx / UIM Records

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Brand new single from Charly Black titled "Funn" produced by Anju Blaxx for UIM Records.

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Charly Black - Funn (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Yuh waan f*k come dash out yuh hole
C*ky nuh dead like a Blackberry Bold
Like a stripper come climb pon mi pole
When mi done f*k yuh shall give mi yuh soul
Dancehall we f*k to not rock and roll
Top Trelawny ganja inna yuh hole
She seh marriage a fi people weh old
She blazing hot right now she nuh cold

(Verse 2)
Is a man like me you want
Gimme the pum pum I won't talk
Yuh boyfriend boring nuh bloodclaat
Mi wi show up a yuh work
F*k yuh inna the car park
Whine up yuh pu$$y pon mi c*ky mi nuh short
As yuh reach home then yuh house work talk
C*ky energize yuh mek yuh work fast
Gyal as of today your happiness start