Charly Black - Bike Back (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Charly Black performing "Bike Back". Song produced by Equiknoxx Music, video directed and edited by XtremeArts

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Charly Black - Bike Back (Lyrics Snippet)

Cock up yuh big bumpa pon di bike back
Bumpa ready fi di RR bike back
See di johncrow deh.. yuh cah ride dat
Yuh like dat.. bike back
Inna yuh short up shorts pon di bike back
Gyal a fight over man yuh nah fight back
Put sup'm round mi waist pon di bike back
Yuh like dat.. bike back

Gyal yuh sexy, yuh sexy suh till
Shape like yuh nam chicken pill
Drink a apple vodka pon mi bill
Yuh bumpa broad gyal
See di bike back yah come chill
A bike show time, show mi yuh skill
From Albert Town to gyaldiville
Yuh bumpa broad gyal