Cham - I'm Too Hot (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Cham performing "I'm Too Hot", produced by Dave Kelly for Madhouse Records. Video directed by Roger B Stillz. Composed by Dameon Beckett and Dave Kelly.

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Cham - I'm Too Hot (Lyrics Snippet)

Ha-ha-ha they say I'm too hot (turn it up)
The haters say I'm too hot (keep it up)
They say I'm too hot (wa-waw)
The ladies say I'm too hot

(Verse 1)
Shorty tell mi seh she want supm fi climb pon
Seh she drunk so she want supm fi whine pon
Nuh teeny weeny man she naw waste no time pon
So yuh know a mi she spending every dime pon
Tell a guy certain things we decline pon
Certain meat weh nuh fi eat we no dine pon
She have a boyfriend weh she draw the line pon
Caw dem bwoy deh she get 69 from

Me have the sugar so a me the gyal a point pon
She say a me she waan swing like a vine pon
A my lap she waan sidung and recline pon
A my mic she seh she would a buss a rhyme pon
And some a hate because a we the sun a shine pon
A we the fassy dem a try pin the crime pon
So how a our name alone dem a chime pon
Wah mek a we alone dem waan sprinkle lime pon

She say a me she want her baby design pon
A my ship she waan work overtime pon
She say a me, she say a me she wanna grind pon
A just the love weh she a get she have her mind pon

(Verse 2)
Not because mi buy a house in the Hampton
Even though mi have the Ghost and the Phantom
Still haffi keep mi likkle crib pon the Waltham
Still a listen Gong, still a listen Buju Banton
Still a love mi gyal and play Toni Braxton
Still a listen throwback Mikey Jackson
Still a listen Rodigan a clash Saxon
Catty still a sell, catty still a pay tax pon

Let dem know seh a pause yuh put a mate pon
Some a dem nuh have nowhere fi put a plate pon
So tell mi why is you the whole a dem a hate pon
No matter what you do dem hate cause dem a Satan
Tell dem fi come and try dem best weh dem a wait pon
Tell dem a God and God alone yuh put yuh faith pon
See dem a flip and dem a chat like dem nuh rate man
And none a dem naw mek no money dem a bait man