Ce'Cile - Turn It Up - SoBe Entertainment

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Ce'Cile "Turn It Up" in her latest party single produced by SoBe Entertainment.

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Ce'Cile - Turn It Up (Lyrics Snippet)

Am feeling so good tonight
Am bout to get my party right
Am looking like a million dollar
Weh yuh say? weh yuh say?
Mi know weh mi got, turn it up, turn it up
Liquor in my cup yeah, body hot suh

Turn It Up
Turn It up
Turn It up
So if you wanna hear or you not wanna

My body is better than yours
This could be us, this could be us
We going hard, we ain't going home
It's a party whine on somebody
Somebody body, somebody body
Somebody, oh move yuh body body
Tek dat, dash weh the clock
I know you like when we whining nonstop

It's going down feel it
It's going down feel it
Somebody say hey-a-eh
Somebody say hey-a-oh