Ce'Cile - OK Without You (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Ce'Cile performing "OK Without You", produced by Kingstone Records.

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Ce'Cile - OK Without You (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Boy i'm so glad to tell you
Now I can find the words to say
No longer in love no more
My feelings have gone away
I said I love you forever
You said I'd move on some day
I said I couldn't live without you
Now guess what I'm ok

I can sleep, finally I can close my eyes
And I don't dream about you, about you
Time really heals
Looking back at how I was depressed
And I'm like please
I'm ok without you, without you

(Verse 2)
Now every time I think about how I felt
How I cried when you left
Now I feel foolish cause I spent
All that time crying
Now that I'm over it I can admit
That I have no regrets
No need to be left to love myself
Now I'm laughing

(Verse 3)
Boy I'm so glad to tell you
Never knew I could say
The words I'm telling you now
But I'm glad you walked away
You gave me a chance for better
At the time I didn't see the way
But I'm much stronger now
And that was yesterday