Capleton Returns To Sting - Tasked With Balancing The Show

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It's been thirty years since the Jamaican genre of popular music was named dancehall with roughly 25 artists making it's A-list. Among this selected few is the fireman popularly known as Capleton the prophet. But in recent years the small world deejay is rarely seen on a Jamaican stage. This is a result of the fireman spending most of his time servicing his global fanbase. On boxing day, December 26th Capelton is slated to make one of his biggest Jamaican appearance in years in the form of Magnum Sting 2014.

Capleton talks about his biggest markets working offshore and claims that it includes places like Europe, Africa and America. He talks about being in the music business for twenty plus years and promoting his music on a global scale.

Magnum Sting 2014 is comprised of two mega shows which includes a roots/reggae segment and the second half being the dancehall segment. Capleton is tasked with balancing the two shows in a segment called 'Fire A Midnight' which will kick off at 12am.