Capleton, Jah Lex & Selaska - Bobo Man a Chant (Official Music Video)

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Check out the music video for "Bobo Man A Chant" by Capleton, Jah Lex and Selaska. Song is from the 'Shine Yuh Light' album produced by Rising Sun Records. Video directed by Asha McHail. A Fareye Films Production.

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Capleton, Jah Lex & Selaska - Bobo Man a Chant (Lyrics Snippet)

I don't care what they wah do
From yuh diss the ghetto youths you a go get slew
Babylon no want your grey sky get blue
Self determination nuh mek dem get you

Pass mi the broom and mek mi sweep them
Just like a rubbish man a heap them
Cleanliness is godliness a so mi greet them
Gash a fire, dash a fire mek it reach them
Nyabinghi drum haffi go beat them
Live pon the people like a ticks and a leech them
Mi hear dem with them evil speech dem
So mi bun dung in the streets, weh mi say again