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New track from Busy Signal titled "WhatsApp" and produced by Turf Music Entertainment.

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Busy Signal - WhatsApp (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Gyal link mi pon WhatsApp
From she link she nuh stop chat
Tell mi seh she waan whine pon mi fat c*k
She seh the Signal good mi have the hotspot
And her favorite position a back shot
Seh she want it all night she no lock shop
Go dung pon her head, she have that lock
Bad gyal, she a 21 inna cashpot
Love how she open up the sittn like a laptop
Mi waan see breast so mi tell her fi drop top
Disturb the neighbors dem nuh stop knock
Mi a work, mi a work, bed nuh stop rock
From yuh seh gyallis thing mi have that lock
A so mi pull over gyal like a top cop
Squeeze mi gyal cause yuh tight like a knot-knot
Mi a brace kotch it up pon the whatnot
She gimme all weh she got

Inna the all night whining
Gyal mi love how yuh whine pon the thing
All night whining
Mi loving the vibes weh yuh bring
All night whining
Seh when yuh bubble it, bubble it and thing
Inna the all night whining
Late night or early morning

(Verse 2)
Gyal text mi pon IG
I'm not for purchase cyah buy me
Big, bad and bold tell her try me
Caw man a bedroom bully
No gyal, nowhere inna the world nuh criticize me
Could a black American or even Chiney
Anywhere the Turf step gyal a find me
18 or older, any gyal step to the Turf mi a go require ID
And gyal a tell mi seh mi wicked and mi wildy
Sexy, cute gyal mi love off yuh styley
Caw man a gyallis from birth, hot gyal alone whine me