Busy Signal - Welcome (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Busy Signal performing "Welcome", produced by Turf Music Entertainment. Video directed by Dameon Gayle and Benjamin Lidsky.

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Busy Signal - Welcome (Lyrics Snippet)

Tell all gyal pickney yes dem welcome
And gwaan bubble pon the thing and sidung
And glimity glamity yuh born with the gum
Gyal squeeze mi tight because yuh body cyah done
And done, done, done, cyah done
Dem a catch heart attack a when yuh whine and go down
And lyrics a punch like a Mike Mccallum
And watch the pirate dem a run come
And anywhere mi go sexy girls gather round
Dem keep it tropical cause dem hot like the sun
And walk a walk and run a run
Knife a knife, gun a gun, gun, gun
Gun-gun-gun try nuh get gun down

Caw weh come out a dat dawg yuh nuh waan none
Get one out a dat a pon yuh back yuh lie down
And man run, escape when police come
And time fi statement nobody no give none
And why yuh think yuh get two eye, two ears
One nose, one tongue, chatty mouth go sidung
Better yuh observe and stop beat up yuh gum
And people business yuh no fi faas inna none
High grade inna my cranium
Man a go hard like a titanium
Mi walk out lock the whole stadium
The amount a gyal mi get mi never yet pay fi none

Some bwoy love call off gyal phone
The bwoy a pest yuh gyal leave that alone
A bedroom bully dem yah gyal want at home
And dem love it when mi have dem inna comfort zone
Zone, zone, dem yah gyal inna comfort zone
Come over baby, come sidung pon mi throne
Cause mi love fi hear yuh voice inna the sweet sexy tone
Mi just burn a spliff beat a one magnum
Long, long love naw lef mi condom
Gyal come check mi when yuh waan fi have fun
Yuh have a boring man mi seh fi give the bwoy bun
Bun, bun, from him pop down give the bwoy bun
Wid a tin a tastee cheese when Easter come