Busy Signal - UP! - Stainless Records

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New summer track from the Turf president Busy Signal titled "UP! UP!" produced by DJ Karim / Stainless Records.

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Busy Signal - UP! (Lyrics Snippet)

Seh dis a summa time and di gyal dem up, up
Pocket buff table tun up, up
Touch di road clean bare girl surround us
And di whole place know di thing buck

Di gyal dem clean and sexiness up, up
Whatsapp dem ask mi whats up, up
Notten weh no straight dem cah join us
Some bwoy fi minus a bare gyal a find us

Cause, man a floss, gyal a pass
Di time get so hot to raas
Born as a winner, we nuh come yah fi last
Haffi get a gyal fi brace inna di dance
Buy out di bar mi nuh matter weh di cost
Play di boom tune mek di speaker dem blast
Hustle fi di money a dat we endorse
Haffi touch di road clean all because