Busy Signal - That's How We Do It (Official Video)

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Music video by Busy Signal performing "That's How We Do It", produced by Turf Music Entertainment /Stainless Music.

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Busy Signal - That's How We Do It (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Jamaica legalize the marijuana
Mi big up every garrison and every corner
Shout out from Jamrock straight to Ghana
Real hustlers nuh make the bank account meager
Caw man wah sell platinum like Sean Paul and diamond Like Shaggy
And collect the Grammys like Shabba
Worse man a gallis and a come from off a tour up inna Paris
And nuff gyal waan fi gimme the punana
Watch out fi dis dem mek mi continue the saga
Step up inna the club can't touch this Mc Hammer
Thugs dem a go through nuh mek we pree like Osama
Presidential roll dem good fi think seh a Obama

Drama lama full stop comma
Some a trace like baby mama
Any how we step inna yuh place a nuh drape inna collar
Shellinz like peanut, splash out like pina colada
Salt Spring go order clip weh broader plus the mouth weh solder
Lawd, A Busy dis, this a nuh Shabba
Careful of the friends dem weh yuh choose and all the ones you harbour
Nuff a dem will switch and then dem cut you off just like a barber
And then dem spread your business like informer
Tek it to the streets where the thugs a roll dem weed and grabba
Big up all the rasta man weh mek the real roots no baba
Mi haffi big up all the real thugs a prison
Weh naw got tek no beating from no man not even warder

Shades cover mi lens, girls deh pon mi ends
Rims deh pon mi benz, straight up that's how we do it
That's how we do it
Like Usain mi money run, mi don't even need a gun
Mi having plenty fun, dawg that's how we do it
That's how we do it

(Verse 2)
London badman dem we naw tek no talk then
Bwoy dis and violate dem food will get nyam then
Joel wid the hand them, and Rovers with the land them
Architect gimme the blueprint so mi execute mi plan dem
Some bwoy nuh understand me, me don't understand dem
The dutty life weh dem a live yuh know seh a spam dem
Notorious llike Biggie, Triumph like Wu-Tang Clan dem
Brrbrrb, busy, hot head, sound the big thing a mi slang dem
The reason why mi fans dem love me so much a mi song dem
My name a the topic inna all of the saloon dem
Pandemonium whenever mi touch the mother land then
Martinique, Guadeloupe plus the Suriname dem

(Repeat Chorus)