Busy Signal - Text Message (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Busy Signal performing "Text Message", produced by Turf Music Entertainment.

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Busy Signal - Text Message (Lyrics Snippet)

Gyal a whatsapp and a send text
Mi see the sms Mi haffi show interest
Mi a one bwoy naw mek the girls vex
But wah this, She naw stop
She a text off the phone, She naw stop
Miss the please call me but couldn't call back
Mi deh studio and a voice up a one track

Next thing, is a next gyal that wid the texting
She a cuss a chat bay things
Cyah get mi from yesterday evening
OMG, LOL, she a type bare f*kery caw she cyah spell
Gyal you nuh have spell check, DWL
Better you stop text mi phone might as well

Lord God is a next gyal that
Seh she nuh have no credit but she inna wifi spot
Shi cyah sms only can whatsapp
KMRT a that mi type back
Mi know mi phone soon freeze
The mount a gyal a text from overseas
UK, New York and Belize
Up a Canada wid the maple leaves
She send a pum pum selfie
Mi seh Lord Jesus help mi
Mi type back, ask if it healthy
If she f*K mi she goodly get wealthy, wealthy

Emoji laugh
She waan sidung inna saddle and bruk it off
Why she got to be so rude
She send mi a photo weh nude
But is a good thing mi nuh licky, licky
This yah bwoy naw nyam it like food