Busy Signal - Smoke Weed Again (Official Video)

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Music video by Busy Signal performing "Smoke Weed Again", produced by Turf Music Entertainment.

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Busy Signal - Smoke Weed Again (Lyrics)

Gimme the high grade with hot grabba fi the blem
So mi seh blaze it up
We light it mek we smoke it again
We burn it all day, weed set the trend
Ganja man mi seh light it up
And mek we burn weed again, burn weed again

Real high grade weh mi blend wid the grabba
If yuh nuh have high grade dawg don't bother
Nuh mess wid the coke and caine fi go mash up mi brain
Only high grade weed me rather
Gimme the kush because da grades deh it badda
Gwaan hold a meds cause police mi nuh bother
Light up the chalice inna palace
And mi burn it wid the queen
Burn it wid the police comissioner
Stick to your roots and mi nuh mean baba
Anywhere mi step all Lisa haffi Hanna
Burn weed straight, no full stop, no comma
Tek time wid the grabba, don't stamma pon yuh grammer
Big up all farmers weh hustle fi the dollar
Hail up Killer then mi hail up Dada
Bigging up shang... high grade mek mi higher

Put your lighters in the air
Ganja man from everywhere
Blazing up the chalice like we just don't care
Smell the aroma inna the atmosphere

(Repeat Chorus)