Busy Signal - Out Of Many (One) - Official Video

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Music video by Busy Signal performing "Out of Many (One)", produced by Turf Music. Video directed by Dameon Gayle.

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Busy Signal - Out Of Many (One) (Lyrics)

(Verse 1)
Out of many we a one inna Jamaica
Busy pon the turf and a that a my area
Fans dem a wait fi mi touch inna America
Mi nuh mouth-a-massi mi nuh trace like a Erica
Tuck it in neat so yuh cyah see mi beretta
Touch inna the street and it cause hysteria
Haffi mek the money cause the more a the merrier
Dutty badmind mi nuh want unuh near yah
Wash off yuh heart with da well cold jelly yah
Straight, straight gyal a ring off da celly yah
Whatsapp, Instagram, social media
Gyal from Libya, Syria, Nigeria
Love off mi ride with the leather interior
Badmind a chat caw dem nuh inna mi league
Dem nuh reach mi standard, the whole a the bwoy dem inferior
If yuh think a lie gwaan go check Wikipedia
Hot head like mi roasting with fever
Tell the bwoy dem this

Yuh never know yuh nuh fi watch people things kuff
Don't red eye fi no rims or no blings kuff
How you a move so, yuh a lobster or a shrimps kuff
Easy yuh self and mind yuh get kuff
Dutty heart, badmind fi get a kuff
Nuh waan work, beggy beggy get a kuff
Raper bwoy, pedophile fi get a kuff
Yuh love dah song yah mek mi hear unuh seh

(Verse 2)
Man a serious youth mi nuh too smiley smiley
Mi nuh singy singy mi nuh Tarrus riley
Give thanks and praise to the most high Haile
Jah mek mi success full entirely
Pass mi the cerasee tea deh mek mi boil it
Bitters and roots and yuh know seh mi highly
Gyal waan wreck mi ball like seh she name Miley
Cyrus, with the thing wicked and wiley
Entrepreneur everybody admire mi
Self employed so nuh bwoy cyah fire mi
Youths dem a stem, dem seh hot head it's firey
Artists weh pave the way dem inspire mi
Reggae and dancehall a so mi get mi salary
Some nuh give mi no ratings but a whole heap a follow mi
Whem mi step a road nuff a dem dem haffi honor mi
Some nuh have no style, mi a the lyrical academy
Psalms 35 then mi read Deuteronomy
Dutty badmind nuh worry mi nor bother mi

(Repeat Chorus)