Busy Signal - Money Flow / Greetings (Ribbidibi) - Official Video

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Music video by Busy Signal performing "Money Flow" and "Greetings (Ribbidibi)".

Busy Signal - Money Flow (Lyrics Snippet)

Christmas a come and wi want the money flow
Christmas a come and wi want the money
But it nah flow, it nah flow-ow-ow
Mi wah know a weh di money tree dem grow

(Verse 1)
Cah some a sell Gleaner and some a sell Star
Some have up a shop and some a run a likkle bar
Fudgy wid the bike and some a juggle from dem car
Hunting fi the money, a could a near a could a far
And big up all the hustlers weh have dem likke stall
Dung a Coronation Market big up one and big up all
Farmer man a reap the crop nuh matter how it small
Give thanks fi health and strength, life overall
Mi have mi girlfriend mi haffi gwaan bounce pon her
She tek care a di pickney, even the ones weh a nuh fi her
Mi always hustling in the street, mi inna the road just like the tar
A hustle fi the food cause everybody haffi par