Bugle - Survivor (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Bugle performing "Survivor" off the '7th Heaven Riddim' produced by Dj Frass Records. Video directed by ShortfilmzJa and YGF Visuals.

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Bugle - Survivor (Lyrics Snippet)

They just always gonna fight you for no reason
But Jah Jah guide and protect I through all season

People try all kind of things cause dem just waan fight I
Dem do all kind a things cause dem just waan spite I
But I rise above all odds, Put good above all bad
Almighty above all Gods, That’s how I trod earth

(Verse 1)
Nuh trust mankind, who a nuh Judas a Delilah
Nuh tell mi bout religion that a divider
Retribution a go take some a dem
So be careful a who you deh beside a
Mankind a the greatest act
Dem wi come around wid a great impact
Yea, dem only waan gain you trust
Because all dem have in a dem heart a lust

(Verse 2)
Mi heart hurt but Jah know mi nuh angry
Tell dem wi solid like a rock ask Kalonji
Long time we a tell dem the truth, A dweet absolute
Dem a gwaan like dem nuh understand wi
Dem stick on pon yuh skin like lotion
Just a try fi abuse yuh emotions
But Jah seh left dem to time, wicked mankind
Cause an eye for an eye a go left every man blind