Bugle - No Obligation (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Bugle performing "No Obligation" off the album 'Anointed'. Song produced by Markus Records, video directed by Jerome Hyde, video produced by Unplugged Multimedia.

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Bugle - No Obligation (Lyrics Snippet)

No one owe I no obligation
So I don't depend pon man
Cause Jah Jah made I firm 2 foot two hand
So I don't depend pon no one
Cause Jah Jah, give I a brain and seh use
Him give I options and tell I choose
No one owe I no obligation

(Verse 1)
You have all kind a plan
But yuh future yuh no planned out
Yuh sidung and a wait pon hand out
Member who love sweets teeth will rotten
The sankey weh yuh a sing inna the wrong note
Things would a better if yuh have ambition
And bend yuh mind to yuh own condition
Yuh don't want the hardship yuh just want the fun
Yuh want good but yuh no waan yuh nose run

(Verse 2)
Sit around making wishful wants
And a stress pon another man
Just try find another plan
Because the man weh yuh a wish pon a act
So him energy a rise while your own a drop
Markus Jadiggy, whole a we live that mean seh we bless
So just work harder fi yuh things wi manifest
Mek sure seh yuh mind don't bad
And yuh we get yuh reward from God