Bugle - My Story (Go Tru) - PayDay Music Group

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Bugle sings about struggles and hardship in new track titled "My Story (Go Tru)", song produced by PayDay Music Group.

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Bugle - My Story [Go Tru] - (Lyrics Snippet)

(Verse 1)
Member when mi never use to live nuh weh
My youth my bed was just a palet
Mama keep on moving up and down just like an hydraulic
The meal nuh use to steady, mix up till it give we colic
Brother weh fi set the thing drop out, mi whole family panic
Dem days deh was mostly chicken back
Tin mackerel or cornmeal porridge
Mi father was a farmer every now and then a cabbage
But still we hold we thing, we never be nobody baggage
Mom and dad did go domestic
But yet still dem hold dem marriage

Mi see mi mother stress, God know she do her best
Almighty bless grandma, I hope in peace she a rest
That's why mi tell dem... seh mi naw go tek no press
Cause if dem violate mi a go rise up every ants out a the nest

See man a go tru, this a some a the things weh mi go through
Hypocrites and parasite lowe we
Cause i've got news yuh loose, mi pay mi dues
Naw go see mi toe a come through mi shoes