Bugle - Life Goes On - Simma Stew Prod

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Bugle - Life Goes On - Produced by Simma Stew Prod

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Bugle - Life Goes On (Lyrics Snippet)

Me know to how dem perfect this a something dem rehearse
Wul' heap a psychology dem reverse
Nuh mek dem swell yuh head
Stay firm inna yuh meds

Be careful what yuh study dem write the book yuh research
Jah Jah seh me a go overcome I know I must prevail
Nah go sit around an be no clown, no follow mi nuh tail
When yuh don't rich dem avoid yuh
Dem use dem laws divide you

Dem system nuh have no justice no dem justice system fail
But any man nuh wise, dat mean yuh nah go rise
Jah give you opportunities yuh don't capitalize
That's why Babylon and Rasta Man cya have nuh ties
Wicked guys dem cya look inna mi eyes
Dem claim say dem a lead but only misleading
There negative energy dem feeding

life goes on