Bugle - False Prophets (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Bugle performing "False Prophets" off the 'Dancehall Sings Riddim' produced by Zj Chrome / CR203 Records. Video directed by Jerome Hyde / Unplugged Multimedia.

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Bugle - False Prophets (Lyrics Snippet)

Yuh never see mi wid no turban pon mi head
But man a bobo same way, natty congo same way
Yuh never see mi inna no jungle
But man a gorilla same way

But nuff a dem a snake inna lion clothes
Dem a run the church and the hore houses
Selassie-I forbid
Rasta could a never lose and ball head we win

(Verse 1)
The good haffi go suffer fi the bad
A never me say so a jah
The man weh gain the most knowledge a the longest liver
False prophecies with dem big offices
All dem do a give basket fi carry water
But I have a appetite fi the truth
That's why mi warn the youth
Cause Jah Jah seh yuh a go know dem by the fruit
How yuh fi give a man a gun and tell him no shoot
Is like telling the tree don't grow from the root

(Verse 2)
Chrome, True we no fabricated nuff a dem hate wi
But tell dem seh wi alright the real people rate wi
Tell dem seh we nah put on no show no need no mask
If yuh no waan the truth no question yuh no fi ask
Selassie-I know by wi self wi inna wi class
Just true money mek nuff a dem lost
We buck dem pon the journey and dem we surpass
Almighty a mi don, the devil a your boss

(Verse 3)
Know how dem stay, dem dweet everyday
All yuh see dem a pray
Dem a false prophecies
Just mek false promises
Jah Jah see dem, yeah Jah Jah know dem
Left dem to time, almighty soon over throw dem