Bugle - Be Proud (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Bugle performing "Be Proud" off the 'Advice Riddim' produced by Dunwell Productions. Video directed by ShortFilmz Ja, camera assistance by YGF Visuals.

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Bugle - Be Proud (Lyrics)

Mi never shame a my address, because mi know mi bless
Mi know mi nuh the worst, even though mi no the best
Mi a do weh mi can, so Jah will do the rest

Dung a Jungle, dung a Reema
Dung a Two Mile, dung a Payneland
Dung a Bacto, over WaterHouse
Dung a Riverton, Seaview Gardens

We proud a who we is, proud a who wi is
Proud a the dungeon, Deh so we come form
So mi proud a every hungry days
A that mek man so brave
And mi proud a every broke days
Caw now man a save

Be proud a who you is, proud a who you is
Proud a the dungeon, deh so you come from
You need fi proud a every hungry days
A that mek you so brave
And proud a every broke days
Now you need fi save

(Verse 1)
If hungry don't kill mi already that cyah kill mi again
Cause a nuff time mi hungry till mi tripe dem bend
A bulla and a bag juice, That gold
Mi would a jump if mi every get a cane bump
No day mi never switch up inna the Gideon
Inna mi one pear a sneakers, mi one black pants
Dem time deh Jah Jah did a prepare me
Now as a ghetto youth, a ghetto youth a tear me

(Verse 2)
We naw turn we back pon the zinc fence
We just waan dem turn wall and fix up mama stall
Mi waan see every sour life become sweet
And every board house turn concrete
Nuh tell mi bout knowledge, we have that from the start
We know bout we book but still we street smart
Nuh tell we bout food, weh you a try prove
Mama turn her hand mek fashion so is best yuh excuse