Bryka - Violate (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Bryka performing "Violate" off the 'Wul Dem Again Riddim' produced by Yellow Moon Records.

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Bryka - Violate (Lyrics Snippet)

Cause if dem violate the place yuh know dem bat a fly
We nuh have no mercy still a dead all when yuh mother cry
Cause hundred lane will make the news fi dem, a poodle dem
Caw we wi search and Google dem
Cyah ketch the bait so mi shoot di friend
Grave and tomb fi dem

(Verse 1)
Markus, we head hot and we nuh easy fi tame
Bare rifle deh up a twelve lane
Cyah seh yuh bad when yuh friend dem cyah go a Spain
Blood shells well mek the wall stain
Yuh nuh see a we a lock the place and we dweet globally
Badda dan dem totally
If yuh diss a man 10'clock a bout 10:01 yuh get a ...