Branxx - We Affi Rich (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Andre Branxx performing "We Affi Rich" produced by Outta Space Records / Go Fi Demmm Productions. Video directed by Moon Walk Films.

Branxx - We Affi Rich (Lyrics Snippet)

We affi rich, we affi rich, we affi rich
But do nuh bother switch
Nuh bother switch, nu bother switch
Money stock and pile up the rest a bury inna chest
We own a couple bike, a couple car pay mortgages

(Verse 1)
Money, money we a hunt we touch inna the street
Haffi hustle how the juggle then how two ends a go meet
The politicians sidung and a tek up all the seat
And yuh get a 9-to-5 and collect 4 grand every week
When the boss bwoy nah do nut'n but a cheat
And the landlord ring mi phone and every bill is like a leech
All now mi nuh mention the baby weh a creep
Weh the hell mi fi do, alright yuh waan mi thief
But if mi thief and surrounded by the chief
A police dem a send me go to hell fi rest in peace
A no piece a the puzzle, hustle to the muscle
Nah go shuffle, hear mi scuffle
Grab the door pack up the duffle

That's why we heading to the top
Mi nah go drop, mi nah go flop
Mi was a window shopper now me start to shop
The thugs dem gather pon the block
Reggae some Hip Hop
We stay strop like the post to
Dem gyal f*k we most to